I Love You Still

$2.99 | ISBN: 9781370509126

Amy's Love Story, Book 2

While on a business trip, Amy serendipitously ran into a long lost friend, Michael, and found the love she has longed for her entire life. When she returns home, however, she discovers that her ex-husband may be trying to win her back, and her son would like nothing more than to have his mother and father back under one roof. If that wasn’t enough, Amy must also contend with Michael’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend, who isn’t ready to let him go. Will Amy and Michael’s love survive these new trials? Download this novel today and find out!

Until I See You Again


Amy's Love Story, Book 1

Recently divorced, Amy isn't looking for another relationship. Then she runs into handsome, gregarious Michael, a friend of the family whom she hasn't seen in years. Will this chance encounter finally lead to the love Amy has wanted all of her life? Download this short-story today to find out!

"A very lovely book,it sucks you in instantly. You will not regret reading this,so read it now!" ~Kimberly, from Goodreads.

"Cole is such an incredible author, and I'm ready to read more of his work." ~Seaton, from Amazon.

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